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Arabian Medical Recruiting and Placement Services

Arabian Feamish Medical Recruiting & Placement Service

ARABIAN Medical Recruiting & Placement Service, the leading health care recruiting firm in Oman have long-standing recruitment agreements with highly reputed Medical groups/hospitals in Oman. ARABIAN Medical Recruiting & Placement Service specialises in international recruitments and placements of the qualified staffs, mainly medical staffs from around the world to Oman. ARABIAN Medical Recruiting & Placement Service, your complete healthcare recruiting firm offers permanent and temporary recruiting assistance to our customers. Whether you are looking for a job in the medical field or looking to fill a position, you have come to the right place.

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We aim to provide a worldwide recruitment service mainly for Hospitals / Medical groups. Arabian Feamish Medical Recruiting unique business plan allows you to recruit staff worldwide.

Medical Recruiting and Placement Services

What makes us unique?

Arabian Feaamish Medical Recruiting has a high % success rate in the placement of medical staff in Oman.

We only work with reputed medical groups & hospitals in Oman.

We recruit staff from various countries – for example (but not limited to) Arab countries, Philippines, India and many more to work in Oman.

FMR & PS has a very large database of qualified and experienced staff.

Our CV’s to the employers are comprehensive, detailed and of international quality - detailing personal information, qualifications, licensing & experience.

Our candidates are highly qualified with experience in their field of expertise and within the medical sector.

Candidates are assisted by FMR & PS staff to process their Onboarding requirements – Dataflow / Prometric / Licensing Applications / Attestation of documents / Police Clearance etc.